Creative Services

In addition to our traditional design work, Atomic Studios has now included new and improved creative services from our past experience, as well as forming working partnerships with Creative Service companies and individuals we have worked with in the past. Some of our large range of Creative Services include the following.


In an age where so many choices exist, a striking photograph can be the one thing that captures your audiences' attention, and draws them deeper into your advertising campaign.

We shoot primarily to support our graphic design, web design and marketing productions, spending hours on-site to capture breathtaking photos that truly represent your product or brand.

Atomic Studios has had numerous photos published through the years, as well as being contracted for photo shoots for national magazines - particularly in the vacation and collectibles field. Atomic Studios photos have been featured on CD covers, magazine covers, news articles and display advertisements, as well as extensively on the web.

Visit our Photo Gallery for a sampling of styles photographed by Dawn and Gary Guzzo for Atomic Studios.


Dawn and Gary Guzzo's extensive time working for Marvel Comics resulted in strong friendships with a tremendous amount of talented, varied, and unique illustrators. Our Illustrators have worked in publishing, advertising, fine art, logo design as well as fine art, displayed in Galleries. If your project requires something extra-unique, one of our group will create artwork that fits your project, or sets your entire branding.


As an award winning publicist for Marvel Comics, Gary Guzzo has written hundreds of press releases, catalog text, news and magazine articles. In addition, Gary has supplied copy for websites, brochures, ads, and just about anything in print. In addition, Atomic Studios works with specialized partners focused on business writing, technical catalog writing, promotion and publicity.

Event Production

Atomic Studios began as a production company for entertainment venues. Gary produced his first rock concert at the age of 16, and since then has produced, designed, or worked on events ranging from Municipal Events, to Corporate Annual Meetings, Convention presences, as well as designing, and producing large scale conventions and shows, for companies like IBM, Texaco, and Microsoft, to being a sound technician for bands from Fleetwood Mac to Simon and Garfunkle. In addition, Atomic Studios has recently re-partnered with his old partner Marjorie Myers and IVC, to once again focus on our talents in Even Production and Promotion. From a simple trade show booth, to a full scale Collectibles Trade-show, Atomic Studios brings together the best, most seasoned, crews together to make your event unique and successful.

Radio Production

Gary Guzzo has been doing production for radio since 1971. From being an on-air personality, to creating a weekly Marvel Comics Radio show, and serving as a Music Director and Program Director in NY Radio. He is currently writing, producing, and starring in a syndicated Classic Rock radio show with long time friend and partner, Mr. Marty Martinez - a radio legend who has interviewed just about every major Rock personality in the business.

Public Relations

Along with the years of PR work that Gary Guzzo has done for Marvel and other comic book companies, our partner, Marjorie Myers has done phenomenal PR work for the computer industry, and the world of finance. We understand the sensitivities of your company image, and the reality that the job includes getting you INTO the public eye, as well as, sometimes, keeping you OUT of it.


Aside from the award winning Publicity Campaigns that Gary has done for Marvel Comics, Gary has also amassed hundred of published Press Releases, as well as attracting major media to a large assortment of events, companies and products.

Trade Show Services

With his ex Partner, Marjorie Myers, Gary has designed and built huge trade show exhibits for a large and diverse client list. With Marjorie, and partnered with IVC, they have designed and coordinated exhibits for a large chunk of the Fortune 500 companies. Both Gary and Marjorie are heavily experienced in the technical side of exhibitions, building video walls, sound systems, large screen projection, as well as developing and coordinating spin off conferences and presentations in just about every major exhibition center in North America.